Last Bulgarian post for now

It's hard to believe that I've been home from my Fulbright in Bulgaria since July 7. I had three weeks of fun storytelling in libraries and parks after coming home, as well as a performance at the National Storytelling Conference. I told Bulgarian stories in that late-night Fringe show, for a crowd of mostly storytellers. Whooeee!

Then came August. For the entire month, I sorted, packed, discarded and cleaned, getting my Kansas City house ready to sell. I've decided to move back to Lawrence, KS. At last I'm ready and will list the house this week (send me an e-mail if you're interested in a great 1920s two-storey in Strawberry Hill). 

I do miss Bulgaria. I've stopped dreaming in Bulgarian, but I haven't stopped dreaming of Bulgaria. I'm still using the pepper grinder and espresso maker from Sofia, still sprinkling the Balkan herb mix on buttered toast, and of course, quietly working on the stories I brought home. 

Yesterday I showed a friend selected pictures of Bulgaria. Here are some I never got around to posting here. I promise to get back to the topic of storytelling on the blog soon!