Puppet profile #2, Trixie Decaphobia

The inimitable Trixie Decaphobia

The inimitable Trixie Decaphobia

Name: Trixie Decaphobia, commonly called Trixie. Some children occasionally call her Triskie.

Age: 111 (the next picture has an egregious typo).

Creator: Folkmanis. She is no longer being manufactured. She came with a black pointy hat but she is not one of THOSE, despite her greenish tint. She changes hats from time to time. She currently sports a leopard spot beret, to match the puppet bag.

Construction: Fabric.

Disposition: Variable. Mostly she's a bit crabby, sometimes forgetful, often silly. She suggests stories for me to tell, then falls asleep during the telling.

Favorite food: Candy corn and if the next picture is to be believed, rocks. 

She has an oversized toothbrush in her bag. She is likely to brush her teeth in the middle of a performance and then, horror of horrors, she brushes her hair with her toothbrush. Will she ever learn?

If I leave her mouth open a little, she looks much friendlier, not quite so scary. Or maybe she's not so scary because she tends to put her foot in her mouth. Literally. 

She gets along with the baby, but there's a problem: she thinks babysitting is sitting on the baby. On her head. Squish. 

I found Trixie at the Raven Book Store in Lawrence in 1994. She has accompanied me on most performances for younger children since then. Truth to tell, I've had to replace her several times (I find her on Ebay). 

Because she's constructed so I put one hand in her head and one in her hand, she's versatile. She can rub her eyes (allergies), scratch (fleas), lift up her skirt (show of her kicks, as she was once a Rockette). On long drives, I sometimes put her on and slow down so cars will pass us. She waves. 

Trixie also has her own Facebook page! She doesn't post often, but it's worth checking out.