The students loved you and are still talking about your stories. The parents loved you and enjoyed the evening. They all want you to come back again!
Thank you so much for coming. Our students don’t have a lot of opportunity to enjoy experiences together as a family and you definitely provided a memorable time.
— Christine Hockett, Stanley Elementary, Wichita KS
I injoyed your stories. It was cool, fantast, alsom, fun, good, scey, silly, snecky, spocky, and laughy.
— Shana, student in Lawrence, KS
Ohhhh you. Are a vertical .fun. person:)
— Student in LIma, Peru
You are a great storyteller who quietly but firmly conquers your audience’s heart.
— Dr. Svetla Baloutzova, Centre for Advanced Studies, Sofia, Bulgaria
Priscilla is a wonderful artist, intense educator (she “gets” it!) and a true joy to work with.
— Anthea Scouffas, Lied Center of Kansas

My Specialties

  • Funny & smart school shows
  • Character education programs
  • Puppets & stories for pre-k to 3rd grade
  • Engaging stories for older kids and adults
  • Tales that inspired Shakespeare
  • Thought-provoking keynotes
  • Teacher in-services
  • Writing workshops
  • Silliness

For Kids

"Tell it again!" the younger kids call out. They join in the telling, using their voices, bodies and minds to co-create a satisfying story with me, be it a folktale, a story from a book or a story from my life. 

Middle and upper elementary students drop their "too cool for school" attitudes when they understand that these stories are specially chosen for them.

For Adults

Stories for adults and older kids run the gamut from true(ish) personal stories to blood-chilling tales to thoughtful pieces that send listeners to the quietest place on earth, inside the story.

Fringe-worthy stories of living in Eastern Europe, surprising literary stories, the grimmest of Grimm tales and inspiring and definitely, yes, definitely cautionary stories fill the repertoire.