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Storyteller Priscilla Howe, a native New Englander, comes to us from Lawrence, KS, where she lives with her cat, Francis Bacon. A former children's librarian, Priscilla has been a full-time storyteller and puppeteer since 1993. She travels around the country and abroad, telling stories in schools, libraries, conferences, festivals and special events. She's always searching for new stories to tell, as well as for the best restaurant pie on earth. 

Short Bio

Priscilla travels the US and abroad (China, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Belgium, to date) with a bagful of puppets and a headful of stories. Her favorite audience is the one in front of her at the moment. A full-time storyteller since 1993 and a former librarian, Priscilla lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her cat, Sir Francis Bacon. She’s also searching for the best restaurant pie on earth.


Priscilla Howe has a gift for sizing up audiences and delivering a whopping good time. A former librarian, she has been a full-time storyteller since 1993. She’s not easy to pigeonhole—Priscilla is as comfortable with kids in Juvenile Detention as she is with preschoolers as she is with elders in retirement communities. She tells a mix of stories from books, folktales and her own stories, most with a generous dollop of humor. Priscilla lives in Lawrence, KS and travels the region, the country and the world telling stories. 


Since 1988, storyteller Priscilla Howe has entertained audiences of all ages with (almost) true stories, world folktales and stories from books, most served with a generous dollop of humor. Young children meet her mouthy handpuppet Trixie, while Priscilla offers sophisticated stories for older audiences. A former children’s librarian, Priscilla has a gift for sizing up crowds and delivering a whopping good time.

Priscilla grew up in New England and has lived in Vermont, Belgium, Kansas, Bulgaria, New York and Connecticut in her adult life. She now lives in Lawrence, KS. She is also on a quest for the best restaurant pie on earth.

Bio for Performances for Grown-ups

Priscilla Howe offers a disclaimer, with a little wink: "All my stories start with the seed of truth." She has been a full-time storyteller since 1993, after being first an academic librarian (a Slavic Cataloger, really!) and then a children's librarian. Though she’s known primarily as a performer for children, she has a full repertoire of stories for grownups and older kids, from the 95-minute Medieval epic Tristan and Iseult, to laugh-inducing literary and folktales, to Grimm for Grownups, to quirky original stories.  Priscilla tours the country and abroad telling stories and giving workshops—to date she has performed in the US, China, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Peru, Bulgaria, Romania, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Belgium. She’s also looking for the best restaurant pie on earth.