Priscilla, for years I have used your stories at the end of the week as a reward for good behavior and hard work in my seventh-grade language arts class. They are loved by all. Thank you sincerely for all that you do.
— Tom Tufts, teacher and author of "The Night Before Middle School"
Priscilla is a wonderful artist, intense educator (she “gets” it!) and a true joy to work with.
— Anthea Scouffas, Director of Education, Lied Center of Kansas
The students loved you and are still talking about your stories. The parents loved you and enjoyed the evening. They all want you to come back again!
Thank you so much for coming. Our students don’t have a lot of opportunity to enjoy experiences together as a family and you definitely provided a memorable time. I have shared the DVD with some of the classes and they want more and more and more! I think I will use your stories as a reward party for exceptional behavior. They will all want to be good to hear your stories! Thanks again for coming. I want to be a storyteller just like you when I grow up!
— Christine Hockett, Stanley Elementary, Wichita KS
You are a great storyteller who quietly but firmly conquers your audience’s heart.
— Dr. Svetla Baloutzova, Center for Advanced Studies, Sofia, Bulgaria
I believe this is the most overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had for a Summer Reading Workshop in the thirteen years I’ve been here! […] Many of the workshop participants commented to me how much they enjoyed it and how useful they found it.
— Carolyn Guernsey, Southwest Kansas Library System
Your show was realy, but realy, but realy funny. I wish I could do puppets like your puppets. The stories were funny and I liked how you controled them.
— Your admirator, Rafael (student at Roosevelt School in Lima, Peru)
I injoyed your stories. It was cool, fantast, alsom, fun, good, scey, silly, snecky, spocky, and laughy.
— Shana
Children flock to [Priscilla]. She has a lovely quality as a family performer, but in a modern way that is respectful of ethnicity and changing family situations [...] She involves you in a story almost before you realize it’s happening.
— Sharon Benson, Salina Arts and Humanities Commission, Salina, KS.
I really really hope you come back because you made me laugh almost till I cried. Not a lot of people can do that but you pulled it off really well so thank you.
— Student at Stanley Elementary School, Wichita KS
Ohhhh you. Are a vertical .fun. person:)
— Student from Peru, via Facebook
Muchas gracias por la sesión que nos regalaron. La verdad es que disfrutamos mucho de la actividad y nuestros alumnos quedaron muy entusiasmados.
— Lucia Pizarro, Colegios Padre Hurtado y Juanita de los Andes, Santiago, Chile
When I first heard we would be having a guest speaker, I thought it would be like all the other guest speakers, plain and boring. But, you were the exact opposite! I really wish you could come back too.
— Cayleigh, 8th grader, Scott City, KS
There were ALOT of things I enjoyed about your stories, but I must say my favorite was The Ghost with One Black Eye. I read/shared that story with my little brother when I got home, he laughed really hard! That was such a great experience! At first when Mrs. O’Neil told us we were going to have a storyteller, I envisioned a boring class of sitting around a rocking chair, reading little kid books. But boy, was I wrong!!!
— Jade, 8th grader, Scott City, KS
Dear Priscilla and trixie and peeps and baby
Thanks for coming to Stanley Elementary and I loved Peeps and you and Baby and Trixie and you are a good story teller and I liked the gummy wolve and the gost with the one black eye and the birthday cake and the pancake and trixie I loved your red nose and baby was funny and peeps you be a good little chiken. P.S. Trixie you are the one I really, really, really like funny trixie.
— Student at Stanley Elementary School, Wichita KS
Hello Priscilla. I study at Gimnasio Vermont in Bogotá (Colombia). Today you come to my school. I want you to come to my house because I like your stories so much. You are a professional storyteller. I hope to see you soon. Bye.
— Julián, 1st grader
Thank you so much for visiting us at Ozark Regional Library again this summer and providing a wonderful set of shows for our patrons. I know all the families who attended had tons of fun!
— Shaen Mehl, Ozark Regional Library System
Dear Ms. Howe, . . . When you told the stories there was this feeling in side of me that made me feel like I was having a great dream. Thank you so much for coming to Grant School. Your friend, Kelli.
— Student in Lawrence, KS.
We had the joyous experience of a visit from Priscilla and her puppets on Thursday, the 22nd of January. The children (and the teachers) were delighted by the tales she told to our younger students and our many English language learners, the ways she invited the audience to participate in the telling and by Priscilla’s sense of humor. We will definitely have Priscilla return to our school when she makes her bi-annual trip to Europe in 2017!
— Jeffrey Brewster, Head Teacher-Librarian Early Childhood Centre & Elementary School, International School of Brussels