Ningbo and Wuxi encounters

One of the things I love about travel is the unexpected encounters with people. Today I had a day off in the city of Ningbo. My substitute tour manager Fiona and I were strolling through a garden after lunch when we heard music. Turned out to be a group of older folks singing in a pagoda. We peeked in.

Ningbo singers
Ningbo singers 2
Ningbo singers 3

They were startled and pleased to see a, gasp, foreigner enjoying their tunes. I asked Fiona to ask if I could take pictures. Of course! And they wanted pictures with me as well. We took several, inside and outside the pagoda. There was a lot of interested chatter as Fiona told them where I was from. They smiled and patted me, making sure I was right in the middle of the pictures.

Ningbo group

I think we all found this encounter highly entertaining and satisfying. 

I had another good one on Monday, in the train station in Wuxi on the way back to Shanghai. 

Wuxi station 2
Wuxi station 3

It's all about connection, isn't it?